For Hoosiers, March is an important month. You’re probably thinking about basketball, but I’m referring to the VEX State Robotics Championship, sponsored by Group 1001 and powered by TechPoint Foundation for Youth. It’s an event that brings together thousands of students from across Indiana for a highly competitive robotics competition.  

I look forward to this championship because, as a former teacher, I love seeing kids light up with excitement over their own ingenuity. And now, as the President and CEO of TechPoint Foundation for Youth, I’m excited to see students not only find joy in STEM education, but explore their potential career paths.  

As Indiana’s tech industry continues to grow, tech-skilled workers are needed more than ever before. Our role as educators is to prepare students for the jobs of the future, through in-school curriculum and access to after school programs that explore the skills needed for STEM careers. Students need awareness of the types of career paths available to them and awareness that there are jobs available right here in their home state.  

At TechPoint Foundation for Youth, we’ve been doing just that since 2001. We ensure Indiana’s underserved and underrepresented K-12 students have access to experiential learning opportunities that increase STEM knowledge and inspire STEM career exploration.  

That’s why I’m excited for March 23, where more than 300 elementary, middle and high school students will embark on Lucas Oil Stadium for a full day of robotics competitions. Nearly 10,000 fans will attend the competition to cheer on their local teams, making this the largest state robotics competition in the country. It’s high energy and full of surprises and is truly one of the most fun days of my year.  

But to continue to host this event year after year, we really need your support.  

As a tech community, we must rally around the local efforts that will power the next generation of founders and tech workers. What does that look like? You could:  

  1. Join us on March 23, 2024. Bring your kids! Experience the magic of robotics and inspire your children to join their school’s robotics program.   
  1. Volunteer at the championship! More than 400 people will give their day to help us manage this statewide event.  
  1. Make a donation. Your dollars help us reach nearly 55,000 students across the state every year.  

 TechPoint Foundation for Youth is powered by donations and support from people like you. Please help us continue to serve Indiana’s youth!  


George Giltner is President and CEO of TechPoint Foundation for Youth