Indianapolis Tops Global 15 VC Ecosystem by Growth

I’ve spent my professional career working in the world of venture capital, but my interest has reached new heights as I’ve gotten fully grounded as TechPoint’s President and CEO. In the past 20 months or so, I’ve become even more driven to help grow Indiana’s digital innovation economy and overall tech ecosystem.  Indiana’s leading policy […]

Last TechPoint Pitch Night of 2023 demonstrates greater focus on helping Hoosier innovators 

TechPoint’s latest Pitch Night was sprinkled with applause throughout the four founders’ presentations, but the loudest and longest sustained support came when the launch of the Indiana Founders Network was announced.  More than 30 founders had already signed up to join the Founders Network by Index press time, a good portion of them coming during […]

AI is a Double-Edged Sword: Its Power and Peril in Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is predicted to bring damages totaling $8 trillion U.S. dollars globally this year, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. If this were measured as a country, it would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China. So, it comes as no surprise that cybersecurity continues to be a top priority of business leaders, CIOs […]

How Privacy Updates Are Shaking Up Marketing Playbooks

In an era driven by data and technology, privacy concerns are wielding a significant influence over the marketing landscape. Apple’s iOS 15 update, featuring the Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature, set off a chain reaction across the digital marketing world a few years ago, and the more recent Apple iOS 17 Link Tracking Protection has […]

New Trust-Building Exercise: Digital Transformation

When it comes to modern governance, trust has emerged as a pivotal cornerstone in shaping the relationship between businesses and their customers, as well as citizens and their governments. While digital transformation was traditionally associated with upgrading systems for efficiency, a recent Deloitte study presents an alternative perspective. This study underscores the profound connection between […]