Butler EdTech Accelerator cohort energized by learnings at ASU+GSV

Butler EdTech Accelerator cohort energized by learnings at ASU+GSV By Logan White In April, the Butler Accelerator for Education and Workforce Innovation cohort and I took part in the Arizona State University – Global Silicon Valley Ventures (ASU+GSV) Summit in San Diego. The gathering was the 14th year for the conference, which brings together leaders, […]

Key Inflection Points for a Late-Stage Tech Startup

By: Scott Olmsted, National Technology and Green Economy Executive, Bank of America and Brian Smith, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America       Much goes into running a successful startup, but distilled down to the simplest terms, it is an exercise in fast, smart decision-making. Every day brings new choices, big […]

Jake Miller: 2024 Technology Predictions 

1. Evolving Human-Computer Interactions & Interactive AI  How humans interact with computers will gradually shift in 2024. This change will involve increased comfort with digital humans, leading to more personal interactions with AI entities.  At The Engineered Innovation Group (EIG), we are already working on several projects that combine natural language processing (NLP), vision, speech […]

Generative AI in Martech: Complement or Competition? 

It’s no secret that marketers thrive on creativity and time-saving hacks and last year saw us, and many others, begin to integrate generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tools such as ChatGPT into our daily work. As 2024 gets underway, it seems opportune to discuss what we learned in 2023 and what that means for martech and […]

Indianapolis Tops Global 15 VC Ecosystem by Growth

I’ve spent my professional career working in the world of venture capital, but my interest has reached new heights as I’ve gotten fully grounded as TechPoint’s President and CEO. In the past 20 months or so, I’ve become even more driven to help grow Indiana’s digital innovation economy and overall tech ecosystem.  Indiana’s leading policy […]