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Gain access to highly-skilled tech talent through Xtern’s college recruitment engine.

What is Xtern?

Finding top tech talent is hard. TechPoint is here to help. TechPoint’s Xtern program gives your company access to highly-skilled tech talent through our college recruitment engine.

The Xtern program recruits students from 20+ campuses in the region and beyond to foster the next generation of tech builders. Students live on a campus together and share their experiences working for your company with their peers. Xtern is a built-in marketing opportunity to help get your brand name to current college students as they go back to school and rave about what they did for you. 

We take care of their after-hours, offer housing, and provide professional development and social activities that create the best summer internship experience. Ready to become an Xtern employer?

Xtern Benefits

What are the benefits of being an Xtern employer?

Access to a curated, diverse, high-caliber talent pool of technical and business-skilled students from across the country. Matching and placement services to connect you to the right candidates based on your team’s needs. Full-service support for your interns outside of the 9a-5p including but not limited to housing arrangements, social opportunities, community service programs, and professional networking.

How are students evaluated and screened?

We anticipate receiving nearly 2,000 applications. Our staff will assess students based on their technical or business skills, campus/work involvement, and professional acumen. In order to be considered all applicants also completed a Work Sample Assessment that is inspired, guided, created, and critiqued by industry professionals in corresponding areas of tech-skilled and business-skilled roles. These submissions will be available for review as you are preferencing your top candidates.

What is expected of my company during the screening process?

Our admissions process narrows the pool from the 2,000 applicants to roughly 300 top finalists. From there, your team will be asked to review and preference those that match your hiring needs.  You will have the ability to filter and sort based on role, technology proficiency and grade level.

Diversity Goals and Results


  • 1,876 applications overall
  • 32% Women
  • 65% People of Color
  • 13% African American/Black or Latinx

TechPoint is dedicated to not only fostering the tech ecosystem, but in a greater sense we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and equitable regional prosperity. These diversity goals were set utilizing historical program data and we will continue to set ambitious goals as we seek for our tech community to be representative of our nation.  That is why we are sharing our diversity goals for our pool of applicants for the 2023 Xtern Class, with an aim of half of all applicants being persons of color, 10 percent being Latinx, 13 percent being African American, 3% being Multi-ethnic/Multi-racial, and 40 percent being women.

Are you a Startup?

Your organization may qualify for grants paid for by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) that can cover half the cost of hosting an Xtern. You may even qualify for additional funding through EARN that can making hosting an Xtern as low as $2000. Click below to learn more.

How it works

Employer Recruitment

Companies can reach out to the TechPoint talent team team using this form, and we will also reach out to companies to gauge interest and opportunity.

Company Commitment

Confirm attendance at our in-person Xtern Fall Finalist Day (November 17, 2023). Xtern applications are being reviewed by our team as well as university professors and industry professionals during this time.

Xtern Finalist Review

Oct 25 – Nov 8 – Companies review resumes, work sample assessments, and application information for all Xtern finalists to determine their lists of preferred candidates.

Schedule Determined

Nov 8 – Companies submit their interview preferences. TechPoint team creates the schedule for Xtern Finalist Day.

Fall Finalist Day

November 17 – Applicants and companies participate in a full day of interviews before ranking their preferences. The TechPoint team makes matches and announces offers at the end of the event.

Offer and Acceptance

Companies send official offer letters with details about salary, start dates, and expectations. Xterns review offers and accept or decline by Mid November. Xterns must inform both companies and the TechPoint team.

Ongoing Matching

Companies receive continued support and matching if needed. TechPoint continues to communicate with the class of 2024 Xterns to ensure retention. Companies are encouraged to occasionally reach out to help Xterns prepare for the summer.

Xterns Arrive

The Xtern program starts in May 26, 2024 and Xterns will work for your company for the following 10 weeks.

Your next hire is waiting for you.

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Interested in being an Xtern Employer?

Click here to view the recording from our recent webinar. Learn more about the opportunity to hire one or more Xterns.

If you are ready to sign up for Xtern 2024, fill out this quick form by Wednesday, October 18th to participate in Fall Finalist Day on Friday, November 17th.

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