TechPoint Foundation for Youth names iDEW its 2022 Bridge Builder Award winner

Honor to be presented during TechPoint’s Mira Awards gala on April 23 The need to develop a diverse pipeline of Indiana tech talent has been a top priority for Indiana tech leaders for the past few years, but it’s been the sole focus of the Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) program since 2015. Working in eight […]

Meet the Talent Impact of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Highlighting leadership and excellence in workforce development—the vital pipelines into Indiana tech careers Improving the way we work and how we work seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to tech and innovation. Something that has lacked recognition, however, is the efforts companies and leadership have made to their business to adapt to the […]

Meet the Exceptional Employer of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Celebrating tech companies that are doing an exceptional job developing talent, cultivating workspaces and workplace culture, and positively impacting the community. Company culture is an essential part of any great tech company. In any business, it’s important to rally the troops to get behind what you’re doing and also make them feel a part of […]

Influential business and civic leader Bill Oesterle to receive Trailblazer Award during Mira Awards gala

TechPoint will honor influential entrepreneur and business leader, civic and political organizer and Indiana talent champion Bill Oesterle with the Trailblazer Award during the 23rd annual Mira Awards gala presented by Salesforce on April 23. The 1,200 seat event sold out of general admission tickets last month, but people interested in attending may join the […]

Meet the Innovation of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Honoring scientific achievements, R&D efforts, and other trailblazing discoveries that have the potential to change industries In 2022, innovation is something we rely on and need now more than ever to solve new and existing challenges. True innovation doesn’t go with the flow or by the book; it challenges the status quo and pushes boundaries […]