TechPoint Foundation for Youth launches fundraising campaign to bring its State Robotics Initiative into Indiana classrooms

Fundraising goal set at  $17,500; donations can be made now! TechPoint Foundation for Youth has launched a campaign to expand its popular after-school State Robotics Initiative (SRI) into Indiana classrooms to encourage an additional 1,000 Hoosier girls and children of color toward tech careers. SRI is the Foundation’s largest program, with 24,000 students already participating. […]

Meet the Large Enterprise of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Recognizing companies that are investing in innovation, committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion; boosting Indiana’s reputation nationally/internationally; and leveraging their resources to scale and make a positive impact in our community. Startups and small businesses may be the backbone of the Indiana tech industry, but without the emergence of large businesses, there wouldn’t be a […]

Meet the Service Partner of the Year Award Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Celebrating exceptional work by professional services firms or internal teams who created the year’s best solutions. Behind every innovative idea is an integral support system to ensure a vision is executed. We know the people and businesses that keep those great ideas afloat aren’t always the ones who get credit for their part in sustaining […]

TechPoint Foundation for Youth names iDEW its 2022 Bridge Builder Award winner

Honor to be presented during TechPoint’s Mira Awards gala on April 23 The need to develop a diverse pipeline of Indiana tech talent has been a top priority for Indiana tech leaders for the past few years, but it’s been the sole focus of the Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce (iDEW) program since 2015. Working in eight […]

Meet the Talent Impact of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Highlighting leadership and excellence in workforce development—the vital pipelines into Indiana tech careers Improving the way we work and how we work seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to tech and innovation. Something that has lacked recognition, however, is the efforts companies and leadership have made to their business to adapt to the […]