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Advancing Equity Through Tech

Connecting Central Indiana’s African American residents to a successful career in tech.

What is the AETT Program?

The Advancing Equity Through Tech (AETT) program connects Central Indiana’s African American residents to high-wage, low unemployment-rate tech careers. A partnership of InnoPower, Sagamore Institute, and TechPoint, AETT is designed to reduce barriers to increasing skills and developing career track opportunities.

With the support of a $300,000 grant from the Indianapolis Urban League, the program will create and market a tech-focused, Adult Apprenticeship program for low-income, central Indiana Black residents.

Employer Subsidies

Through the Adult Apprentice program, companies will hire apprentices and provide on-the-job training and educational opportunities to help them enter into and grow their tech careers.

As part of AETT, Indianapolis African American Quality of Life Initiative funding will subsidize half of that cost. Employers may also be eligible for an additional $5,000 per person subsidy through the Indiana Employer Training Grants program.

Who can participate in AETT?

For participants to qualify for AETT grant funding, they must meet the combined qualifications for the Adult Apprenticeship program and the AETT program:

° 18 years old+ 

° U.S. work authorization 

° Demonstrated technical competency, with an aptitude for accelerated growth 

° Resident of Indianapolis, Indiana

° African-American

° Current household income lower than $40,000 per year


How to partner with TechPoint on apprenticeship:

Understand Needs

Discovery meeting with TechPoint team.

Requirement Alignment

Sync on hiring needs, technical and cultural essentials and timeline.


TechPoint-led custom recruiting efforts.

Early Training

Pre-Employment Bootcamp (2-3 weeks).

Selection Process

Employer interviews and hiring decisions.

Apprenticeship Utilization

Coaching, mentoring, training and support (12 months).

Ready to Learn More?

Use the form below to learn more about the adult apprenticeship joint partnership offered by TechPoint, InnoPower and Sagamore Institute; and, to connect with a TechPoint team member to discuss hiring an Adult Apprentice.

If you’re a job seeker looking to apply to the program, use the form here.