AgriNovus launches campaign magnifying Indiana’s ag-tech leadership

The state of Indiana is ground zero for the intersection of traditional agriculture, life sciences, and science and technology. The agbiosciences industry employs more than 75,000 Hoosiers and contributes $16 billion to the Indiana economy. AgriNovus Indiana, the state’s food and agriculture innovation initiative, is launching a new multimedia campaign today to both define the “agbiosciences sector” and designate the […]

Indy Tech Fellowship builds board connectivity app for United Way of Central Indiana

As an Indy Tech Fellow, Ben Wencke is encouraged to not only continually develop his skills but utilize them to help the Indianapolis community. In addition to his role as a Software Engineer at Doxly, Ben has recently devoted a big chunk of his time and skill as part of the Indy Tech Fellowship program […]

16 Tech adds serious technology VC credentials, leadership

Earlier this summer, the 16 Tech Community Corporation Board of Directors announced that Bob Coy has been named president and CEO of 16 Tech Community Corporation. It’s a key appointment that will help shape the future of Indy’s innovation district, which is rapidly taking shape on 60 acres just northwest of Monument Circle downtown The […]
Mat Gangwer Profile

From intern to CTO: Mat Gangwer of Rook Security

During his time at Rook Security, Mat has instilled a lot of confidence in his co-workers. So much so, he didn’t actually opt-in to the role of CTO; his co-workers elected him for the position.
Pondurance secure office considerations in Indianapolis

Pondurance: Considerations for a secure office space in Indianapolis

When selecting a new office space, every business has different considerations. Size, location, amenities… each office is unique and can offer different benefits. Looking for an office that will house a security operations center (SOC), however, is a little more complicated. Previously located in Carmel, Indiana, the Pondurance team started to realize back in 2015 […]
John Warne Xpat Profile Indiana growth in Technology

John Warne watched Indiana grow from laggard to leader in tech

At TechPoint, we like to interview expatriates from the state (Xpats) who have returned to work at tech or tech-enabled companies after spending a portion of their careers outside of Indiana’s borders. As someone who came back to Indiana 22 years ago, John Warne has a unique perspective of seeing what Indiana was like in […]
Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

While men might outnumber women in the technology field, there is no lack of support for women in technology in Indianapolis. In fact, as a show of support and encouragement, many women’s groups have been created in internal organizations to support the efforts and contributions of women in technology. In Indianapolis alone, we’ve identified a […]
Rook Security Cybersecurity Education

Why an investment in people is the best way to protect your organization’s assets

In a highly digital world, cybersecurity threats aren’t new. Despite more and more cybersecurity attacks mentioned daily in the media, companies are still struggling to protect themselves effectively, and their employees are often left in the dark about what they can and should do to help. Rook Security sees this problem every day with their […]