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Business/Data Analyst

What is a Business/Data Analyst?

Conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, conduct business intelligence and data analyses, prepare operations and procedures reports. Includes program analysts and management consultants.

Business/Data Analysts can expect to make an average salary of $70,700 annually (or $72,600 in total compensation package). The highest earners for this role can expect to see around $79,300 annually (or $82,100 in total compensation).

Salary Range

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25th Percentile
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50th Percentile
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75th Percentile
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Foundational Skills

Written and Verbal Communications, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Systems Analysis, Detail Orientation, Initiative, Consulting

Occupational Skills

Business Management Principles

Novice Level
  • Knowledge of principles governing business management methods such as strategy planning, methods of efficient production, people and resources coordination
Emerging Level
  • Knowledge of elaborate methodologies through which a company markets and sells a product or service to generate income

Proficient Level
  • Ability to apply methodologies

Gather Information & Requirements

Novice Level
  • Can gather information & requirements

  • Document project requirements

  • Analyze data to the best of their ability

  • Work internally with an emerging or proficient peer to identify gaps requirements

Emerging Level
  • Experience gathering and clarifying project requirements

  • Operates more independently

Proficient Level
  • Experience with applying systematic research methods and communicating with relevant parties in order to find specific information and evaluate research results to assess the information’s relevance

Perform Business Analysis

Novice Level
  • Able to document business needs
Emerging Level
  • Perform research on business needs and gather competitive business domain data

Proficient Level
  • Familiarity with evaluating the condition of a business on its own and in relation to the competitive business domain, performing research, placing data in context of the business’ needs and determining areas of opportunity

Interpret Business Information/Data Analysis

Novice Level
  • Collect data and statistics
Emerging Level
  • Uses collected data and statistics to test and evaluate in order to generate assertions and pattern predictions, with the aim of discovering useful information in a decision making process

  • Retrieve and analyze different kinds of information with regard to the management of a business in order to draw conclusions on projects, strategies, and developments

Proficient Level
  • Presentation of information in digestible format and making information usable

Provide Improvement Strategies

Novice Level
  • Can document root causes and the problems associated
Emerging Level
  • Identify root causes of problems and submit proposals for effective and long-term solutions

Proficient Level
  • Analyze and adapt existing business operations in order to set new objectives and meet new goals and future goals

Recommend Changes

Novice Level
  • Document findings of study
Emerging Level
  • Prepare recommendations for implementation of new systems, procedures, or organizational changes

Proficient Level
  • Design, evaluate, recommend, and approve changes of forms and reports present findings to stakeholders

Statistical Analysis

Novice Level
  • Experience with software used for analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics (e.g., Tableau)
Emerging Level
  • Knowledge of the study of statistical theory, methods and practices such as collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data

  • Deals with all aspects of data, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments in order to forecast and plan work-related activities

Proficient Level
  • Present findings to stakeholders

Develop & Track Metrics

Novice Level
  • Experience with gather, report, analyze
  • Act as a liaison between IT and business units

Emerging Level
  • Create key metrics for a project to help measure its success

Proficient Level
  • Understands how metrics are likely to drive behavior and how to appropriately balance metrics

Business Data Analyst

The pathway below represents an example career pathway in the ever-changing Digital Innovation Economy.

Project Manager

Business / Data Analyst

Senior Business / Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Business Architect

Machine Learning Engineer / Data Engineer

Lead Data Scientist / Data Science Manager

Senior Business Architect


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