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  • TechPoint publishes profiles on companies and people, stories about tech talent and jobs, thought leadership pieces, and other relevant articles of relevance and interest to the tech community in the state of Indiana.

Suggested Story Topics:

  • Stances or actions taken by your team on DE&I, skills-based hiring, adult apprenticeships, or other inclusive talent practices and issues.
  • Technology company funding announcements and executive new hires
  • People profiles that share what it’s like to be a tech builder, developer, programmer or sales representative in a tech company
  • People profiles that highlight someone who grew up or went to school in Indiana moved away and have since returned to work in our tech industry (Boomerang Hoosiers).
  • Professional development and soft skills for tech-skilled college students, new grads and entry-level talent
  • Thought-leadership from tech executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators that matches an industry or trend
  • Research focused on tech job growth or venture capital investment in Indiana
  • Company culture highlights that represent what it’s like to work in Indiana’s technology community
  • National investors recognizing Indiana’s technology companies through investments


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Who are TechPoint’s readers?

As the growth initiative for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, TechPoint creates and curates stories that appeal to a broad audience. Our readers include students, educators, recent grads, tech builders and service pros, cross-industry leaders, mid-level to executive management, entrepreneurs, and more.

For contributors, we recommend writing for an educated, tech-familiar, broad-based reader. Assume the audience knows the basics and is interested in a variety of technology topics, but avoid jargon and complexity for complexity’s sake–our goal is to build a welcoming community. Emphasize trends and outline the scope of your topic. 

Narrow your focus to one central message or idea and get to the point quickly. Make it concrete by providing data, examples, details, and metrics. 

PRO-TIP: Find a way to incorporate consumable content such as templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions, resource guides, and other useful, shareable resources.

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