INDIANAPOLIS – BrewLogix® has been selected to Fast Company’s celebrated annual list of Most Innovative Companies. Besting thousands of applications from businesses around the globe, the draft beverage technology company tapped ninth in the Business Services Sector.

BrewLogix provides four unified digital platforms aimed at driving on-premise profitability for creators and sellers of craft beverages. “Our focus is always customer-centric, developing our technology to provide more efficiencies and insights to positively impact the profitability of local bars, restaurants and taprooms”, says Lori Bolin, President of BrewLogix. “Recognition as one of the world’s most innovative companies aligns with our disruptor mind-set, as we bring cutting-edge technology to main street and influence the next trajectory of growth for the craft beverage community.”

The company’s technology platforms operate as an interconnected ecosystem and include:

MarketMyBrewery™: a craft brewery marketing portal
BreweryDB®: a consumer app that helps craft adventurers find their favorite brewery experiences
PerformancePlatform™: a draft inventory management system that helps increase on-premise profitability
BrewMenu™: a cloud-based menu building platform that helps automate and customize on-premise menus
“BrewLogix is at the forefront of where technology meets service in the beverage hospitality sector, helping our customers elevate their guest experiences and their profitability. Providing our customers with multiple entry-points into the BrewLogix community helps them more easily embrace innovation and offers them a clear roadmap to data-inspired growth”, adds Bolin.

Fast Company has produced the Most Innovative Companies list since 2008, and today recognizes innovators in 58 categories. This is the first year that BrewLogix has been included on the list.

About BrewLogix

The BrewLogix® craft beverage community drives on-premise profitability through its unified technology platforms. BrewLogix connects creators, sellers and consumers of on-premise products and experiences through a user-friendly digital ecosystem that drives consumer demand and enables business efficiencies. The BrewLogix community includes: MarketMyBrewery™, BreweryDB®, PerformancePlatform™ and BrewMenu™.

The BrewLogix craft beverage community houses the largest curated source of craft beverage creators, their taprooms and their products that invite personalized and shareable craft experiences. The community also includes creator, seller and consumer data and trend information to guide profitable product, distribution and customer experience decisions.