FISHERS, Ind. — ClearObject, a leading provider of Generative AI, Vision AI, and MLOps solutions, today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to develop new GenAI services offerings for its customers. The partnership will accelerate ClearObject’s Generative AI strategy, bringing new AI-powered solutions and experiences to customers.

ClearObject’s team of AI experts are already engaging with customers to deliver powerful new solutions for Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Services customers by:

Using GenAI to train and accelerate current manufacturer’s ML and AI solutions to become greener and reduce waste (Manufacturing)
Connecting GenAI to internal operations data so workers can use natural language queries to answer pressing questions (Manufacturing)
Leverage GenAI to answer internal Tier 1 support tickets and streamline Tier 2 support (Manufacturing & Retail)
Summarizing and analyzing vast amounts of data to uncover new insights for Investment Fund Managers (Financial Services)

“Partnering with Google Cloud is an exciting step, and a testament to our proven track record in delivering innovative AI solutions alongside Google Cloud,” said Mike Masters, SVP of Sales & Marketing at ClearObject. “We are thrilled to work with businesses to unlock the full potential of generative AI on Google Cloud’s suite of GenAI solutions, empowering our customers to discover unique use cases, build AI solutions, and drive meaningful business outcomes.”

“We’re excited that ClearObject is expanding its capabilities with Google Cloud to bring its customers new generative AI services and offerings,” said Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partners Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. “We look forward to working together to unleash the power of generative AI for organizations.”

Through the partnership with Google Cloud, ClearObject is expanding its consulting and technology delivery offerings to help clients understand and maximize the value proposition of generative AI in their businesses:

GenAI Discovery Workshop.
Highly interactive one day workshop leveraging design thinking principles to: 1) Educate customers on Google Cloud’s GenAI offerings and 2) Define customer’s ideal target use cases, ROI, and success criteria.
GenAI POC Development.
A 2 to 4 week project to develop a GenAI POC that 1) Tests the feasibility of Google Cloud GenAI models & other Google Cloud AI services for our customer’s use case; 2) Create and test a high-fidelity prototype with real customers; 3) Validate potential opportunities & solutions for our customers challenges; and 4) Deliver a solution architecture and SOW to scale the GenAI solution in their business.
GenAI Production Deployment
ClearObject’s deep enterprise AI deployment expertise with Agile Product-Team-as-a-Service (PTaaS) works sprint by sprint alongside customers to both develop, deploy, and scale GenAI solutions across their business.
GenAI Managed Services.
Customizable ongoing GenAI solution support, monitoring, and optimization for customers.
New Generative AI offerings are available from ClearObject today.

About ClearObject
ClearObject is a digital transformation company with more than a decade of experience helping businesses turn data into valuable insights and tangible outcomes. Our team of experts collaborates with you to create bespoke solutions that enhance efficiency, output, safety, and profitability across a range of industries and technologies including GenAI, edge-based artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, MLOps, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud.