gener8tor and IEDC welcome the gBETA Main Street, Life Science, and Industry 4.0 Indiana cohorts

Indianapolis, Ind. Three Indiana-based gBETA programs accepted fifteen companies to participate in a national startup accelerator program through national venture capital firm gener8tor.

gBETA Indiana is a free seven-week accelerator program designed to set a path for companies to pursue investment opportunities and/or increase revenue. Founders/owners receive intensive concierge coaching and access to gener8tor’s national network of mentors, customers, corporate partners, and investors.

gener8tor received more than 120 applications across all of the gBETA Indiana programs. The fifteen selected companies were chosen based on their growth potential and investor readiness. See below for more details on each company.

“It is outstanding to see how the Indiana Startup ecosystem is growing at light speed, with dozens of local stakeholders volunteering their time to provide expertise and insights,” said Davide Dantonio, gBETA Indiana Program Manager. “The founders selected tell us they feel honored and excited about the programs and the community engagement.This program not only

supports these fifteen companies, but brings opportunity and economic development to the entire Indiana community.”

The program is made possible by a partnership with the IEDC.

“The Indiana Economic Development Corporation is thrilled to continue supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners as they innovate and grow through the gBETA programs,” said Natasha Jensen-Matta, Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development at the IEDC. “Supporting homegrown innovation helps to bolster a thriving small business and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indiana.”

At the end of the gBETA Main Street program, business owners will pitch their companies to community partners and the public at a showcase event from 5-8 p.m. on May 2 at 16 Tech, (1220 Waterway Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202). Register here to join.

At the end of the gBETA Industry 4.0 and Life Science programs, the startup founders will meet with investors on June 3th and 4th at 16tech, innovation district in downtown Indianapolis. Please, reach out via email to Davide Dantonio (davide@gener8tor) AND Camilo Lozano (camilo@gener8tor), for more information on meeting the founders.

Startup companies and founders interested in learning more about gBETA’s programming and resources or applying to a future program can visit the gener8tor gBETA Indiana website, or reach out to Ty Tjoelker (Main Street) at, Davide Dantonio (Industry 4.0 / SaaS, AI, Web 3.0) at davide@gener8tor, or Camilo Lozano (Life Science / AgBioScience) at camilo@gener8tor. Those interested in mentoring these companies or getting involved in other ways are also encouraged to connect.

gBETA Main Street – Spring 2024 Cohort

Director: Ty Tjoelker

Gentz IQ focuses on developing critical soft skills, including leadership, communication and collaboration in order to increase confidence among young men through an innovative gamified eLearning platform. Gentz IQ is an Indiana-based, Limited Liability Company. With the “Visionary Leadership” demo now live, Gentz IQ is experiencing growing traction amongst various local nonprofits; expressing interests in formal piloting, along with end-users demonstrating, on average, a 90% interest in more content and a 40% confidence boost.

Founder and CEO: James Lewis | |

Point of View Story (POVS) creates short narrative films to support the healing journeys of sexual exploitation and violence survivors. By facilitating a safe space for viewers to explore their experiences, reveal hidden beliefs, and move forward on their healing path. POVS is in 12 states, and two countries, and is subtitled in three different languages.

Founder and CEO: Mark Steenbarger | |

ISI Construction remodeling service delivers the utmost value to its clients through trust, communication, quality, and execution. ISI Construction facilitates residential remodeling for kitchen’s, bathrooms and home additions. ISI Construction is approaching its second year in business, coming up in April of 2024, and plans on growing its revenue from $930,000 last year to over $1,200,000 in calendar year 2024.

Co-Owners: Tyler Wetrich & Joe Schrad | |

Peri provides premium hair care solutions for consumers seeking gentle alternatives to harsh chemicals. The restorative shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum deliver a multi-faceted approach to enhancing scalp health, maintaining hair vitality, and safeguarding color integrity. This unique blend of benefits sets us apart from other hair care lines, which often prioritize one aspect at the expense of others. Peri is sold direct-to-consumers online and through retail at We Grow Hair Indy and Transitions of Indiana. Peri has sold over 600 units since launching in October 2023.

Founder and CEO: Ashley Stark | |

ORANCO delivers exterior cleaning solutions to residential and commercial customers such as pressure washing and soft washing. ORANCO focuses on the brand and service experience to differentiate it from its competitors. ORANCO is a West Lafayette-based, Indiana LLC. Since opening in February, ORANCO has generated revenue of $11,978.

Co-Founder and CEO: Tim Zhou  | |

gBETA Life Science – Spring 2024 Cohort

Program Manager: Camilo Lozano

BioReact streamlines bioprocess data analysis workflows through a B2B SaaS platform for scientists in the biopharmaceutical, synthetic biology, and ag-bioscience industries. BioReact is an Indianapolis-based Delaware C-Corp. BioReact has successfully onboarded eight pilot organizations as customers and has attracted five additional organizations, which are currently on the waitlist for the public release.

Founder & CEO: Mitchell Castetter |  |

Location: Indianapolis, IN

IndiAide builds customizable, evidence-based web apps that centralize management of important health, personal information and daily tasks. IndiAide improves functional independence and continuity of care for people with medical complexities, cognitive impairments, those who are aging in place, and their families. With the launch of a beta product, IndiAide is on track to reach 500 users by the third quarter of 2024.

Founder & CEO: Alyssa Antcliff |   |

Location: Carmel, IN

Guardalin promotes better health outcomes and overall wellbeing for diabetic cats. Guardalin’s solution, developed at the University of Notre Dame Webber Lab, reduces the frequency of insulin injections from 60 per month to just one, enhancing the quality of life for both feline patients and their caregivers. Guardalin has received $20k from the IDEA Center Tech Development Fund. The company has over 90 verbal commitments from future customers and six letters of support.

Founder & CEO: Genevieve Dowd |

Location: South Bend, IN

Molecular Signatures’ patented BioMEMS platform allows unbiased detection of various particles and media. The technology differentiates particles in solution by measuring electrical properties to determine size and shape. Initially aimed at early screening for bladder cancer and Leptospirosis in dogs, Molecular Signatures has attracted a $43k investment from Purdue Innovates.

CEO: Matthew Sarver | 

CTO: Saeed Mohammadi |

Location: West Lafayette, IN

Mitomarin has isolated compounds designed to enhance mitochondria’s sentinel role. These super-concentrated, phytonutrient-based compounds aim to reduce the risk of diseases linked to mitochondrial dysfunction, such as cancer and aging. An in vivo study supports a 68% reduction in tumor growth observed in mice. The company holds intellectual property rights in the EU and has established a pilot-scale production line in a GMP-certified facility.

CEO: Gyula Bencze | |

CSO: Szabolcs Varga | |

Location: Incorporated in Hungary

gBETA Industry 4.0 – Spring 2024 Cohort

Program Manager: Davide Dantonio

WPR Services’ patented platform-as-a-service POWtalk™, customizes at scale to obtain and react on unrecorded manufacturing events. It is a quick-to-install turnkey system via a secure power line cable that tunnels real-time data from video and audio, machinery feedback, employee-communication, ergometrics and ambient conditions, in order to create animated dashboards, database generation and augmented-reality data delivery solutions to simultaneously improve safety, production efficiency, quality control, and improved maintenance activity.

WPR Services has generated over $200k in the last 24 months with eight repeating customers. In addition, WPR Services has a strong partnership with a $1B+ company in the corrugated-box industry, and through this partnership, WPR stands to earn $2M+ revenue, and has the opportunity to pilot the POWtalk™ platform (projected $200k revenue per facility).

Founder and CEO: Chris Harris | |

Covert Defenses’ Platform as a Service (Covert Cognizance)ensures zero-downtime operations of critical physical assets against cyberthreats. In particular, it guards against data manipulation attacks in military drones (~$10M per lost drone) and ransomware attacks in manufacturing, oil & gas, and utilities (~$300K hourly loss). The patented Covert Cognizance can be deployed as a hardware device into physical assets, or as SaaS plugin into industrial automation software: it will autonomously guard and self-heal and physical assets from denial of service (ransomware), adversarial manipulation (spoofing) and reverse engineering.

Since 2022, Covert Defenses has closed $1.5M in contracts from government agencies and raised over $2.5M in non-dilutive grants to collaborate with their industrial partners Siemens and GTI Energy for creating a working prototype of Covert Cognizance. Covert Defenses has been selected by the Department of Defense for the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) accelerator, and by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy (DOE) to fund customer discovery (over 400 interviews completed).

Co-Founder: Arvind Sundaram  | |

rScan’s AI-based platform provides a circular-economy solution to enable returned products to have a second life through re-commerce. $816B of merchandise is returned annually globally in great condition and then destroyed if it doesn’t get resold. rScan procures truckloads of these returned products directly from retailers, then processes them in its smart distribution center. There, proprietary processes capture product attributes and dimensions, as well as set pricing, to determine profit margins instantaneously. rScan generated over $400,000 in revenue from its own reselling e-store in 2023. Its platform generated $100,000 since December 2023 and has enabled 136 users to create their own reselling businesses, with an avg. 60% profit margin and 120% ROI.

Co-Founder and CEO: Rod Baradaran | |

Tangler Wrangler invents, manufactures, and sells accessories for electric vehicles (EV). Its first product, the Tangler Wrangler, tackled the cable-management issue affecting 2.3M Tesla owners and is also licensable to other EV charging cords and the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market. Now, Tangler Wrangler aims to become a co-creation platform, where EV owners can propose new product ideas, and through an upvoting system, Tangler Wrangler manufactures and sells the highest-voted ones through additive manufacturing and injection-molding. Tangler Wrangler has bootstrapped over $10,000, partnered with 200+ EV owners through the Tesla Owners of Wisconsin for research and development, and achieved 15 organic sales generating $1,000 in lifetime revenue.

Co-Founder: Lauren Barrera Reny | |

Motoring Labs enables the logistics industry to efficiently track freight vehicles. The solar powered LogiSight™ Computer Vision Engine captures vehicle information and catalogs exterior body damages by taking up to 90 images in 30 seconds and extracting over 120 data points.  This automated data gathering serves critical operational needs for (1) regulatory compliance, (2) fleet management, and (3) security across facilities of all sizes, thus allowing fleet managers to lower manual inspection costs up to $9,800 monthly as well as avoid non-compliance penalties in excess of $11,000 daily. Motoring Labs is conducting a paid field pilot with expected $1,200 monthly revenue starting in Q3 2024. Motoring Labs won $20,000 (non-dilutive funding) in the pitch competition “Elevate Nexus”, and raised $20,000 from Elevate Ventures (dilutive funding).

Founder and CEO: Scott Willison | |

About gener8tor

gener8tor is a global venture firm and accelerator network that supports startups, workers, employers, artists and musicians across race, place and gender. gener8tor partners with companies, governments, universities and nonprofits to operate programs and conferences in more than 41 communities across 22 states and two countries. Fast Company named gener8tor one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators in 2021 and 2022. The International Trade Council recognized gener8tor as the Global Venture Capital Firm of the Year in 2022.

About gBETA

gBETA is a non-equity accelerator that facilitates the growth of early-stage companies through a network-driven program. This accelerator supports five startups per cohort and requires no fees for startups and takes no equity. Since launching in 2015, gBETA accelerator alumni have raised $740M+ in capital and created 4,487+ jobs across the U.S. and Canada.

About the Indiana Economic Development Corporation

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) is charged with growing the State economy, driving economic development, helping businesses launch, grow and locate in the state. Led by Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers, @SecChambersIN, and governed by a 15-member board chaired by Governor Eric J. Holcomb, @GovHolcomb, the IEDC manages many initiatives, including performance-based tax credits, workforce training grants, innovation and entrepreneurship resources, public infrastructure assistance, and talent attraction and retention efforts.