INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Engineered Innovation Group (EIG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Cory Wolfgang as its Vice President of Healthcare Innovation. He brings 21 years of immersive experience in healthcare technology, engineering, and innovation to benefit customers through the Healthcare Industry Vertical Practice he will now lead.

His distinguished career spans the entire healthcare ecosystem, including health systems, providers and payers, revenue cycle services, and world-class enterprise-grade health tech implementations. Cory's passion for improving the quality of patient care and experience through leading edge technology innovation will accelerate EIG’s ability to make a meaningful contribution to healthcare and human health at large.

During his 21 years at Indiana University Health, Cory held numerous roles, including his pivotal position as the Director of Revenue Cycle Innovations, where he led a talented team of architects, developers, and analysts. His team was instrumental in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that optimized patient experience, streamlined workflows, and enhanced financial performance. His healthcare IT experience has honed him into a visionary leader, driving digital transformation and innovation in one of the largest healthcare systems in the US.

The CEO of EIG expressed enthusiasm about this new appointment: “We are beyond excited to have Cory Wolfgang join the Engineered Innovation Group! Cory's the real deal in healthcare technology, engineering, and innovation. With Cory in our corner, I know we are positioned to fast-track our mission to redefine healthcare innovation, unleashing even more awesomeness for our partners and the communities they touch. It's not just about stepping up the game; it's about changing it, and with Cory, the game is ours to change!”

Cory Wolfgang added: "I am elated to join the dynamic ensemble at The Engineered Innovation Group. The prospect of making a tangible difference and contributing to meaningful change in the healthcare industry is what gets me fired up. With the collective brains and brawn at EIG, I truly believe we’re on the cusp of crafting healthcare solutions that will echo through the corridors of medical institutions far and wide. Let’s get to work!”

Please join us in providing a warm welcome to Cory Wolfgang as his leadership ushers in a new era of healthcare innovation.

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The Engineered Innovation Group (EIG) is an LGBTQ+-owned innovation agency based in Indianapolis, IN, that designs, builds, and engineers innovative B2B SaaS products for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and educational institutions. The EIG portfolio includes Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), VMS BioMarketing, InnovateMap, Holder, Peer Supply, and many more. EIG is committed to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation by leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. EIG is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape for the better through collaborative efforts and a steadfast commitment to improving patient care and operational efficiency.