Noblesville, IN — The future of technology and robotics takes center stage as the Indiana 4-H State Robotics Competition gears up to showcase the ingenuity and determination of talented youth from across the state. The competition is set to take place on September 9th at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.
The competition seeks professionals who are willing to lend their expertise, insights, and critical assessment to the projects of ambitious young participants. Your participation and support will not only enrich the experience for our youth but also serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of innovators.
Event Details:
• Date: September 9th
• Time: 9:00 AM
• Venue: Hamilton County Fairgrounds, 2003 Pleasant St, Noblesville, IN 46060
As a judge, your role will be instrumental in evaluating the participants' projects, offering constructive feedback, and acknowledging outstanding accomplishments in the realm of robotics. Your contribution will significantly contribute to the success of the competition and serve as a catalyst for young minds passionate about technology. Your presence at this event will be instrumental in creating a memorable and enriching experience for the participants, leaving a lasting impact on their journey in the world of robotics.
To ensure your participation, kindly confirm your attendance by August 25th, 2023, by signing up here: For any questions, please contact Rachel Haselby at
The Indiana 4-H State Robotics Competition eagerly anticipates a positive response from esteemed individuals and organizations, united in the mission to cultivate a brighter technological future. Together, we can propel the aspirations of young inventors and engineers to new heights.
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Contact: Rachel Haselby, Extension Specialist, Computer Science Youth Development, 574-702-0661