Ivy Tech Community College continues to be recognized for efforts to equip the next generation of Indiana leaders and experts in the IT industry. During two recent events, Ivy Tech earned the highest distinctions presented by different organizations.

Ivy Tech was awarded the Golden Bridge Award by Cisco during the Cisco Networking Academy Partner and Instructor Conference in San Jose, CA. Individuals or Institutions that demonstrate exceptional commitment to creating skills for all and prioritizing student success over the previous year are honored with the Golden Bridge Award which is given to only four Cisco Networking Academy partners in four regions of the world. Ivy Tech also won the Academy Support Center Premier+ Award.

This is in addition to a recent honor earned by a team of Ivy Tech Community College students who ranked in the top 10 for the National Cyber League’s (NCL) 2023 spring season, the country’s most inclusive, performance-based, learning-centered collegiate cybersecurity competition. Ivy Tech is the only community college to earn a spot in the top 10.

These accolades complement the Ivy Tech+ IT Academy which offers in-demand IT training and skills to employees and employers throughout the state to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industry. I believe the strategy behind these advancements and accolades would be of interest to leaders across our community as we work together to prepare for the future. Please let me know if I can connect you with Ivy Tech for more information.