INDIANAPOLIS /PRNewswire/ — LifeOmic, a healthcare technology company powering precision health, today announced the launch of its new solution, LifeOmic AI Consult™. LifeOmic AI Consult leverages large language models (LLM) for medical summarization that have been trained on electronic medical records (EHRs), genomic data and human feedback to automatically generate concise and accurate summaries of patient information, saving clinicians and other health system professionals time reviewing patient medical history.

A study funded by the American Medical Association found that for every hour a physician spends with a patient, an additional two hours is spent on administrative tasks such as patient chart review. Large language models, which are deep learning algorithms that can recognize, summarize, translate, predict and generate content using very large datasets, have been introduced to significantly reduce the time spent on these tasks. By accelerating the ingestion and analysis process to provide patient summaries in real-time, including details about patient medical history, diagnoses, procedures, testing and medications, LifeOmic AI Consult empowers health system professionals to understand the patient’s history and current health status efficiently and comprehensively, enabling them to allocate more time to direct patient care and ultimately scaling the practice without jeopardizing the quality of care.

“Health system professionals and clinicians are drowning in too much data with too little time to analyze it,” said Dr. Don Brown, founder and CEO of LifeOmic. “LifeOmic AI Consult equips them with the comprehensive knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions and develop targeted care strategies in a fraction of the time it would take them manually. By streamlining the entire process, we’re giving them more time to do what matters most—caring for their patients.”

By enabling health system professionals to dedicate more time to the patient and their personalized care plan and less time reviewing complex and often redundant medical records, LifeOmic AI Consult is also helping alleviate burnout amongst health systems professionals, which reached an all-time high of 63% in 2022. In addition to time-saving efficiency, LifeOmic AI Consult minimizes the risk of errors and oversights in patient information by surfacing essential information about medical history, diagnoses, procedures, testing and medications that are frequently buried in patient medical records. LifeOmic AI Consult reduces the chance of missing critical details and reduces the number of patient safety issues.

LifeOmic AI Consult is built on The LifeOmic Platform, an API-first platform that has many integrations out of the box, including Epic, Cerner and Cerbo. The solution is configuration-driven to specific specialties, patient populations and stakeholders, and offers seamless collaboration between multiple teams.

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About LifeOmic:

Founded in 2016, LifeOmic is a healthcare technology company solving the industry’s largest problems — connecting, consolidating, and visualizing complex health data to improve patient outcomes. Its technological backbone, The LifeOmic Platform, is a secure and scalable cloud-based software solution designed to aggregate and visualize complex health data to power precision health. The platform securely aggregates, stores, and analyzes health data across electronic health records (EHR), genomic, clinical, imaging, population, and patient data to accelerate research and optimize healthcare decision-making. The platform enables healthcare systems, researchers, and health tech enterprises to save time and costs in managing data for precision health. To learn more about LifeOmic, visit

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