Marian University is now accepting applications for its new fully online Logistics and Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Science degree program. The new online degree will prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to advance in their career or change career fields.

With the Bureau for Labor Statistics projecting ongoing growth in the logistics sector, Marian’s new online program opens doors to a range of career opportunities in this in-demand industry, in Indiana and beyond.

The fully online program meets the needs of working professionals, allowing students to complete one course at a time, at their own pace. Each course is carefully crafted to be completed within five or eight weeks, relieving the stress of managing multiple courses and allowing students to balance their academic pursuits with career and family responsibilities.

“At Marian University, we understand the path to a successful career in logistics should be accessible to everyone,” said Johnna Denning-Smith, Ed.D., Marian’s associate director of online recruitment and strategic partnership. “Our online bachelor’s degree program offers the perfect blend of flexibility and quality education, allowing individuals to gain the necessary skills and credentials to thrive in this fast-paced industry.”

The first class in the new online program starts Fall 2024. For more information, visit (