BIRMINGHAM, ALA., — RxBenefits, the employee benefits industry’s first technology-enabled pharmacy benefits optimizer (PBO), today announced a strategic partnership with Springbuk, the leading health intelligence platform for employers and benefits advisors.

The Springbuk Activate marketplace matches employers with potential partners using underlying plan data, including their population’s health needs or risks, showing them potential opportunities in savings and program engagement – all in one place.

Integrating RxBenefits’ pharmacy benefit optimization with information in the Springbuk Activate partner marketplace will create a conduit to enhance healthcare outcomes through data-driven insights and personalized care. Through this marketplace, employers who are matched with RxBenefits will be able to explore the company’s solutions to reduce the costs of their pharmacy benefits, while enhancing the health, safety, and experience of members.

“Employers need sustainable ways to manage healthcare costs, without negatively impacting member health and safety,” said Wendy Barnes, CEO of RxBenefits. “The Springbuk Activate marketplace provides a resource for finding those high-quality benefits. We’re honored to be partnering with Springbuk as a way to connect more employers to our comprehensive solution that best meets the needs of their members.”

RxBenefits worked with Springbuk to develop a customized “card” within the Springbuk application that identifies the number of members in the employer’s population who may qualify for RxBenefits’ solutions and a 12-month savings opportunity estimate based on data-driven assumptions of program success.

“RxBenefits has transformed prescription benefit programs,” said Joy Powell, CEO of Springbuk. “Their technology-enabled pharmacy benefits optimizer and comprehensive solutions ensure that our employers and their members have access to affordable and valuable pharmacy benefit plans.”

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About RxBenefits
RxBenefits is a technology-enabled pharmacy benefits optimizer (PBO) with more than 800 pharmacy pricing, data, and clinical experts working together to deliver prescription benefit savings to employee benefit consultants and their self-insured clients. With 3 million members, RxBenefits brings market-leading purchasing power, independent clinical solutions, and high- touch service to its customers – ensuring that all plan sponsors, regardless of size, can provide an affordable and valuable pharmacy benefit plan to their employees. The company is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with a second office in Towson, Md. For more details, visit or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Springbuk
Springbuk is a leading-edge health analytics intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain
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