INDIANAPOLIS – Scale Computing, the market leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, today announced the launch of Health Check and Audit, a new service designed to provide customers and MSPs with a comprehensive review of their Scale Computing Platform performance metrics, as well as documented recommendations for best practices, changes, or updates to their environment. This service will help organizations save time and eliminate risk.

SC//Health Check and Audit Service is available to Scale Computing customers and MSPs globally. The subscription-based service offers organizations a bi-annual or quarterly review, enabling customers to eliminate configuration issues, address concerns, and identify any gaps in their Scale Computing environment on an ongoing basis. The service provides a consistent and comprehensive formal audit document outlining the SC//Platform environment and clusters. Documentation includes information needed for a general health review and for auditing compliance, including the current-state health of SC//Platform clusters and recommendations for any corrective actions; recommendations for best practices for configuration and for firmware or server hardware upgrades; performance metrics and utilization of the environment; and security compliance information for auditing. It also identifies and reports on gaps or needs around the SC//Platform solution.

“This service will be critical for any customers or MSPs who go through frequent internal or external IT audits and need to supply Scale Computing documentation to fulfill their auditing needs and achieve significant time, cost, and productivity savings,” said Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready. “We often see businesses announce mandatory compliance audits that interrupt all other work in flight until the audit is completed. While necessary, this can hinder the daily operations of a business and cause other IT projects to be delayed. Further, IT staff are often unaware of configuration changes to their SC//Platform that may be needed to optimize performance or prevent issues. High resource utilization, oversubscription, improper configuration, or not having best practices applied can all have a negative impact on the business if not addressed regularly. The Health Check and Audit Service eliminates the need for IT staff to manually review and configure the SC//Platform, and helps businesses optimize their environment and meet auditing and compliance requirements.”

Key benefits of SC//Health Check and Audit include:

Eliminates the need for organizations to perform auditing work themselves, saving valuable time
Reduces disruptions to IT staff, freeing them to focus on other projects
Provides an ‘audit ready’ report, eliminating the need for in-depth analysis
Covers all SC//Platform recommendations, security audit data, and audit information for regulatory compliance, improving efficiency
Ensures regular and timely review and optimization of the environment, even as a customer’s or MSP’s business changes or scales
Scale Computing Platform brings simplicity and scalability together, replacing existing infrastructure and providing high availability for running workloads in a single, easy-to-manage platform. With the Health Check and Audit Service, IT teams can now have their SC//Platform regularly reviewed to identify any situational issues, respond to auditing requests, and address concerns quickly, ensuring the business is optimizing its environment, and saving time and resources.

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