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Manufacturing and Robotics Technician

What is a Manufacturing and Robotics Technician?

Manufacturing and Robotics Technicians install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot issues related to various manufacturing robots and related equipment. This role demands regular maintenance, system upgrades and prompt attention to malfunctions or breakdowns to minimize operational downtime. Technicians program and calibrate robots to meet specific production requirements and collaborate with engineers and other technicians to optimize robotic processes and to integrate new technologies. 

Salary Range

25th Percentile
$ 0
50th Percentile
$ 0
75th Percentile
$ 0

Foundational Skills

Adaptability, Basic Computer Competencies, Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical & Analytical Thinking, Customer Focus, Dependability, Detail Orientation, Humility, Initiative, Instruction/Teaching, Integrity, Interpersonal Competencies, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Mathematics, Problem Solving/ Decision Making, Professionalism, Reading, Scheduling/Coordinating, Science & Technology, Teamwork & Writing

Occupational Skills

Mechanical Troubleshooting

This involves diagnosing and fixing issues in mechanical systems and machinery. It requires knowledge of mechanical components, understanding of how systems operate, and the ability to pinpoint and resolve issues that affect mechanical functionality.

Novice Level
  • Can identify basic mechanical problems and follow simple troubleshooting procedures

  • Strong Documentation Skills 

Emerging Level
  • Can effectively troubleshoot mechanical problems, analyze symptoms, and identify root causes

Proficient Level
  • Possesses in-depth mechanical troubleshooting expertise, using advanced diagnostic techniques and specialized tools to resolve complex mechanical issues

Electrical and Electronic Troubleshooting

Identifying and solving problems within electrical circuits, components, and systems. Solid understanding of electrical principles, proficiency with diagnostic tools like multimeters, and the capability to repair or replace faulty electronic parts.

Novice Level
  • Can understand basic electrical and electronic concepts and identify simple electrical faults

Emerging Level
  • Can effectively troubleshoot electrical and electronic systems, using multimeters, oscilloscopes, and other diagnostic tools
Proficient Level
  • Possesses in-depth electrical and electronic troubleshooting expertise, analyzing complex circuits, diagnosing component failures, and resolving intricate electrical issues

Robotics Programming

This skill set is centered on writing and adjusting the software that controls robots. It encompasses coding in various robotics programming languages, configuring robotic movements and tasks, and optimizing performance to meet specific operational requirements.

Novice Level
  • Can understand basic robotics programming concepts and write simple robotic programs
Emerging Level
  • Can effectively program robotic systems using various programming languages, such as Python, C++, and RobotC. Familiar with PLC Programming (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Beckhoff)
Proficient Level
  • Possesses in-depth robotics programming expertise, designing, and implementing complex robotic control systems, optimizing program performance, and integrating advanced algorithms

Preventative Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment to prevent future breakdowns and failures. It includes tasks such as cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and parts replacement to ensure that machinery and systems are in optimal condition and to extend their service life.

Novice Level
  • Can perform basic preventive maintenance tasks, such as lubrication, cleaning, and visual inspections
Emerging Level
  • Can effectively develop and implement preventive maintenance schedules, perform routine inspections, and identify potential problems before they occur
  • Familiarity with Industrial Robotics (Fanuc, Yamaha, MIR, Kuka) 
Proficient Level
  • Possesses in-depth preventive maintenance expertise, creating comprehensive maintenance plans, utilizing predictive maintenance techniques, and extending equipment lifespan


Experience + Training

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