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Product Owner

What is a Product Owner?

Product Owners evaluate and research market and competitors during product development, develop strategies and tactics while cross coordinating with other departments, establish production processes, prioritization, and overseeing each step of development from conception to launch.

Product Owners can expect to make an average salary of $96,600 annually (or $106,700 in total compensation package). The highest earners for this role can expect to see around $111,000 annually (or $120,600 in total compensation).

Salary Range

25th Percentile
$ 0
50th Percentile
$ 0
75th Percentile
$ 0

Foundational Skills

Verbal Communications, Leadership, Detail Orientation, Management, Problem Solving, Innovative, Consulting, Organization, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Research/Presenting, Planning, Influencing, Mentorship, Time Management

Occupational Skills

Market Knowledge

Novice Level
  • Has knowledge of the existing customer base and desired customers for the product or feature

  • Understanding of where the market is headed

  • Lead Focus group, interview, and survey development

Emerging Level
  • Product knowledge

  • Technical knowledge

Proficient Level
  • Ability to manage workflow and usability of product and consumer behavior psychology

Product Management Competencies

Novice Level
  • Effective meeting design and facilitation

  • Ability to establish and evangelize a product or feature vision

  • Value metrics capability 

  • Exceptional research and communication competencies 

  • Customer and product knowledge

  • Agile development practices

  • Validation competencies such as beta testing

  • Basic data modeling, JSON, XML, working knowledge of relational and non-relational databases. SQL, REST APIs, processing data using Python, etc.

  • Broad understanding of usability, usability testing, usability heuristics. Ability to communicate to the user experience team using a common language

  • Working knowledge of applications to support storyboards, personas, and wireframes such as Figma or Miro

Emerging Level
  • Build revenue, pricing, and adoption models

  • Micro/ macroeconomics

  • Experiment design and analysis

  • Experience with various analytics tools, and business intelligence tools. Know what you’re looking for, and where to find it

  • Conduct effective customer/user interviews

Proficient Level
  • Mapping and understanding complex competitive, partner, and customer ecosystems

  • Complexity and systems thinking

  • Domain research

  • Understanding and identifying competitive advantages

Business Competencies & Awareness

Novice Level
  • Managing products as a Business

  • Creating and communicating product or feature vision, value proposition, and validation outcomes

  • Strategic understanding of how the product or features meets business strategy

  • Ability to interact with customers to understand business problems

Emerging Level
  • Building business cases

  • Product marketing competencies

  • Analytical competencies

Proficient Level
  • Can successfully demonstrate pricing competencies

Product Owner

The pathway below represents an example career pathway in the ever-changing Digital Innovation Economy.

business / data analyst

product assistant

project manager

business sme

sales engineer

product owner

senior product owner

director of product development


Experience + Training

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