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3Oe Scientific

3Oe Scientific is a technology company advancing the science of aqueous ozone for use in public health, health care and other industries.

Company Information
(888) 412-1796
Carmel, IN
Founded in 2018

Company Description

3Oe Scientific is a technology company dedicated to leveraging the power of aqueous ozone to eradicate harmful pathogens safely in clinical and public settings. Iggy™ is our first-in-class hand rinsing device that uses a proprietary 7-second mechanical water spray fortified with aqueous ozone. Aqueous ozone is a natural disinfectant used across the world to kill microbes in drinking water and on produce. It eradicates viruses causing COVID, influenza and other human pathogens. Studies show that aqueous ozone kills germs on human hands, a common vector of infections. Rigorous independent testing shows Iggy™’s efficacy against bacteria, fungi, coronavirus and resistant bugs. Iggy™ has the potential to deliver a positive impact on health without chemicals, skin irritation or resistance. 3Oe Scientific is working to scale production and the pipeline includes models for commercial and healthcare settings, added smart technologies and devices for other clinical and non-clinical uses.