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Archon Tech Strategies

Archon Tech is engaged in consulting, installing, and developing software and applications for a variety of industries.

Company Information
Carmel, Indiana
Founded in 2010

Company Description

Archon Tech’s technology solutions provide its customers with new ways to interact within their industry with their suppliers, within their organizations, and with their own customers.
The leadership and experience of Archon Apps has led to cutting-edge ideas and developments aimed at improving the communication and operating efficiencies of organizations.
Archon Apps’s most important strengths are its leadership, its base of contacts within the industries, and the toolkit it is developing for creation of mobile apps. Archon Apps’s leadership is highly trained in the industries in which it operates, with a firm understanding of technology, its capabilities, and its future. Archon Apps’s leadership brings backgrounds in law, business, security, health care, sports management, retail, real estate, and technology.