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Ateios, Inc.

Ateios’ thin, printed batteries are naturally flexible, enabling new forms of wearable technologies with better ergonomic design.

Company Information
(858) 263-8217
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2017

Company Description

Ateios, Inc. is an UCSD-founded start-up developing a platform technology for manufacturing highly customizable and flexible batteries that can be integrated into electronics manufacturing. This technology can be enabled in flexible electronics such as smart textiles, soft robotics, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and medical/fitness-based wearable patches.

Ateios, Inc. aims to drive innovation to new heights that humanity has not yet seen in the world of conformal energy by changing the key limitation: the rigid battery. Do you want to play a part in this technological innovation? Do you want to push your limits beyond what’s possible? Are you motivated to work and learn in a fast paced startup environment? Join Ateios in our vision of enabling every surface with energy.