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A data science software company helping businesses leverage data to solve challenging problems, deliver superior results, and change lives.

Company Information
South Bend, Indiana
Founded in 2012

Company Description

Aunalytics exists to harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engines of growing businesses, communities, and people. We help businesses leverage massive amounts of disparate data to solve their most challenging problems and arrive at data-driven answers with greater speed and accuracy. In order to speed the path to actionable insights, we have developed Aunsight, a proprietary data science platform. Aunsight allows data scientists to easily design and customize powerful workflows to integrate disparate data sources, analyze data, and implement new algorithms via seamless plug-ins.

Our team is comprised of data scientists, software engineers, and business experts who enjoy working with data, and love solving high impact, data-driven business problems. We aspire to be recognized as a thought leader at the intersection of data science and business, while developing and promoting Aunsight to become indispensable data science software.