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Charmides Capital

Charmides Capital is a venture capital fund that co-invests with institutional investors in Indiana and the Midwest.

Company Information
(317) 710-5416
Carmel, IN
Founded in 2015

Company Description

With a group of partners who possess a diverse set of backgrounds, Charmides brings strategic value to a wide range of companies. Charmides, Plato's uncle, was well known in 5th Century B.C.E. Athens for possessing the Greek virtue of "sophrosyne", which has no direct translation in English. Plato immortalized this in a dialogue between Socrates and Charmides that bears the latter's name. The Greek word refers to a well-developed consciousness of oneself and one's legitimate duties in relation to others. It involves both a sense of dignity and self-command, along with an awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses. We at Charmides Capital wish to emulate the virtue that Socrates's interlocutor demonstrates in all of our actions.