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We are a global hub for cross-cultural communication and commerce.

Company Information
317 995 0006
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2014

Company Description

Cultrahub is an innovative start-up company and the world’s first e-commerce marketplace designed to facilitate cross-cultural interactions through the exchange of products, services, and up-to-the-moment cultural content.

We are excited to offer visitors a range of targeted content in articles, videos, and images through which to experience different cultures, impacting society in a positive uplifting way. By grouping content and products by culture we draw visitors from around the globe, sparking interaction and exposing potential customers to new products and ideas. The future of e-commerce is social commerce.

Despite megacompanies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter having overwhelming market shares, they are just not meeting our current online needs. We are living in a new generation of which individuals, influencers, and retailers are seeking a more personal, cross-culture, tailored and targeted means of connection. New demanding consumers want to thoroughly understand and engage with the brands they choose to represent them.

We are aspiring to be a global hub for cross-cultural communication and commerce. A platform that sparks interactions amongst individuals from across the globe, allowing them to talk, Publish, shop, sell, share knowledge, and learn from one another.