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At DATTUS, we are building and delivering solutions that will change the future of industrial facilities.

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2013

Company Description

DATTUS enables maintenance engineers to go from having little / no insight into their machines to a future where they are fed with a continuous stream of data-driven intelligence, empowering them with the information to make better decisions and achieve the promise of near-zero downtime at their facilities. DATTUS provides a 4-part solution that encompasses the the full spectrum of asset monitoring and failure prediction needs, helps build smart machines, and paves the path to Industry 4.0 At DATTUS, we believe in creating a different future for industrial facilities. A future where the promise of near zero-downtime is real, where decisions are informed by a continuous stream of actionable data, and where sensors go beyond tripping relays to truly providing predictive and prescriptive analytics. We believe in the promise of smart machines, the industrial internet, and the next industrial revolution – We are committed to delivering on that promise to our customers. Predictive | Prescriptive | Preventative