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Digital Workforce Solution LLC

Digital Workforce Solution is an advisory firm that specializes in intelligent process automation development and consulting.

Company Information
(317) 759-3717
Fishers, IN
Founded in 2020

Company Description

Digital Workforce Solution is a boutique consulting firm based in Fishers, Indiana providing best-in-class advisory, process discovery and automation (RPA) implementation services to deliver successful and lasting digital transformation outcomes. The company was founded in 2020, with the goal of helping organizations understand the automation landscape and to drive process efficiencies that deliver value to the organization. Intelligent process automation is a system of tools (digital workers) that takes over the repetitive, low-value tasks that your team is conducting manually. As a result, your team can shift their focus on developing skills relevant to your business.

Implementing process automation will… ✅ Reduce errors and time spent in rework ✅ Improve employees’ ability to make better decisions ✅ Increase work without hiring more headcount in intensive areas ✅ Eliminate repetitive, low-value administrative work ✅ Increase customer satisfaction with more responsive, focused employees ✅ Speed up processing time by ~55% in order to reduce operational costs