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Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking.

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(904) 414-6762
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2019

Company Description

Docket is a meeting framework that enables and enhances the process for every stage of a meeting, by providing tools and integrations for greater efficiency and alignment. The Docket SaaS platform is flexible and customizable to aid any process, business, and industry in any stage, by empowering team collaboration (internal) and client participation (external) for greater project success.

Use Docket to prepare for an effective and efficient meeting by setting clear goals and managing expectations for team members and clients. Enable transparency by collaborating throughout the meeting process for awareness and to ensure activities and actions drive the meeting purpose in the best direction. Create alignment by keeping everyone in the loop with decisions and next steps to calibrate a project and keep everyone on track and moving forward. Experience greater productivity and efficiency with tools and integrations that help prepare and share meetings and give time back in your day.

Docket brings your meeting tools and assets together for a seamless meeting experience. Learn more about Docket at