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Driven Data

Driven Data integrates all automotive dealership’s data into a cloud based centralized warehouse for analytics and marketing.

Company Information
(888) 659-5488
Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded in 2015

Company Description

Driven Data is the first customer data platform for the automotive industry. They combine all dealership data into one environment allowing marketers a single place to drive loyalty. Driven Data provides enterprise analytics for dealerships leveraging the most comprehensive roster of automotive specific integrations partners. This combination of campaign ready centralized customer data and deep reporting allows dealerships to improve both revenue and profitability.

At our foundation we built the first universal architecture in automotive. This design enables us to predict both the next date a customer will purchase as well as visit service. We establish a marketing window before and after this date, so we target the right customer at the right time.

Driven Data helps dealerships by delivering campaigns through our ad platform via paid search and paid social advertising to our personalized landing pages providing the first truly end-to-end experience for customers.