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EGO Creative Innovations

EGO Creative Innovations develops narrow digital expertise in specific industries to provide you with both business and technical expertise

Company Information
(781) 399-4156
Goshen, IN
Founded in 2005

Company Description

EGO delivers digital innovation as a service.
Since 2005, EGO has helped over 40 companies successfully build 150+ digital products.

Here’s how YOUR business can benefit with EGO:

★ Business consulting. Navigate your road to success by consulting with digital business experts who have deep knowledge of your industry.
★ Software engineering. Turn your idea into a working digital product with a 360-degree team of over 60 IT experts.
★ Resource extension. Augment your business with a team of highly skilled tech specialists according to your needs.

Why partner with EGO:

✔ Narrow expertise in healthcare, fintech, automotive, social and geoservices, marketplaces, IoT, and AR/VR
✔ Top mobile developers on Clutch and a Google Cloud Partner
✔ Cutting-edge tools to speed up product development by 2x or more
✔ Best product and business management practices (Agile and Lean methodologies)

Get extraordinary business results with EGO’s combination of passionate involvement and strategic approach.