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Fortress Data Control Inc.

Helping small business and medical office identify the potential for a data breach and develops steps to minimize the risk of a breach.

Company Information
Avon, IN
Founded in 2010

Company Description

Fortress Data Control was established to assess, mitigate and provide quick first response should a data breach occur. Most companies feel that a data breach will never happen to them, but that is exactly what Sony, Epsilon, and WellPoint thought! Those are large organizations with huge resources at their disposal, so ask yourself. How are smaller companies able to protect themselves and their clients data? Fortress Data Control is the answer. Data breaches occur daily and since personal identifiable information is at risk, State and Federal governments have created legislation for the protection of that information. The legislation imposes civil and criminal penalties on the companies who have control of that data when a breach occurs. And, the cost of those penalties, fines, notification and other remediation range from $250.00 up to $2,000.00 per record. Don’t let this happen to your company or organization. Let Fortress Data Control assess the vulnerabilities in your data management and provide the answers to mitigate the potential of a breach risk.