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A digital product studio that specializes in designing, building and launching products.

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(574) 299-3955
South Bend, IN
Founded in 2016

Company Description

Code Works loves partnering with businesses to develop impactful technology solutions. We take a holistic approach to technology that considers end-users, business processes, and financial impact. As a technology partner, we will help you make decisions as a domain expert and new digital product owner that lead to an exciting solution with a real impact on your users and your business. No Matter Where You Are In The Process We help businesses no matter where they are in their development. We help companies at the following stages and sometimes across multiple stages: Pre-Validation Businesses requiring a technology build to validate their business model. Validated Startup Businesses that have validated their business model, but need technology to support their business and customers. Scale-Up Businesses that have already acquired a customer base and are looking to leverage their technology to scale to new heights. Well-Established Businesses that have an established place in a market but are looking to expand their offerings through digital products or services.