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RetentionworCX is a fractional executive CX offering, helping early-stage SaaS B2B growth companies boost their net revenue retention.

Company Information
(847) 767-4047
Fort Wayne, IN
Founded in 2023

Company Description

The laser focus of early-stage SaaS companies on product and go-to-market means that the post-sale customer experience lags. Retention suffers, and with net revenue retention (NRR) as a key driver of valuation, enterprise value diminishes. RetentionworCX has a proven 5-competency framework that removes customer friction and embeds scalable CX best practices. And since it’s a fractional offering, you get that experience at a price you can afford. You get to keep more customers, get them to stay longer, and get them to buy more – and this NRR boost rockets you toward your desired exponential growth.