Frost Control Systems, LLC

Frost Control Systems is a company that manufacturers and deploys a complex set of IOT sensors to provide reliable road weather information.

Company Information

Spring 2019 Launch
(530) 318-5351
715 Park Ave , South Bend, IN 46616
Founded in 2016

Company Description

FCS manufactures and installs road weather information systems(RWIS) to keep our roads safe.

Following the Flint Lead Drinking Water Crisis, road salting/deicing has faced major criticism due to the environmental impact and cost. However, highly effective systems used on highways were too expensive for cities. FCS created a custom solution for the city environment that was upwards of 90% less expensive than traditional RWIS.

These RWIS units allows cities to reduce usage safely in warmer areas of the city, increase/maintain usage in colder areas, and preemptively deal with weather hazards at high priority locations such as hospitals, schools, hills, and bridges.

We're currently have contracts spread across three states and are expanding operations in 2019.