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What happens when Fintech meets Philanthropy? Meet Givelify. The most downloaded, highest rated mobile giving platform in the world.

Company Information
Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded in 2013

Company Description

From places of worship to world-changing nonprofit groups, Givelify harnesses the power of technology to bridge the gap between people and the causes they care most committed to supporting.

Beyond apps and interfaces, Givelify is designed to make the experience of giving as beautiful as the act of giving.

Our People:
We are an ethnically and culturally diverse team of scrappy and professional, passionate people, dedicated to the mission of designing beautiful products that celebrate the joyous act of giving. As a company we value teamwork, open communication, transparency, and a great work ethic. We support our team by promoting flexibility and encouraging life-long learning and professional development opportunities. We are intrinsically motivated by remaining true to our company values, setting and exceeding audacious goals, and staying energetic about our team and our products.Givelify passionately serves places of worship, charitable nonprofits, and the generous people who support them.

Our mission is simple:

* Bring a beautiful giving experience to places of worship and charities regardless of denomination or ethnicity, and
* Empower people to express the universal language of generosity any time, any place they’re inspired to give.