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Haven Technologies

Haven Technologies

Haven Technologies manufactures and markets electronic products that enhance personal safety.

Company Information
Carmel, IN
Founded in 2016

Company Description

Haven Technologies combines decades of experience in personal protective equipment (PPE) to bring emerging technologies to consumer safety products for enhancement of protection and performance.

Haven Technologies is the pioneer and manufacturer of the world's first Bluetooth earplugs, ISOtunes®. Launched in September 2016, the ISOtunes® brand set out to enhance protection, increase productivity, and promote connectivity by merging the latest developments in hearing protection technology with cutting-edge electronics in stylish, modern, and lightweight designs. The result: hearing protectors that don't look or feel like hearing protectors.

Haven Technologies established on day one that it would be about much more than just safety products that challenge the status quo; it would be first and foremost customer-oriented, leveraging social media and technology to uphold the industry's highest standards in customer service, and secondarily an active and contributing member of its customers' communities.