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The bioinformatics leader in precision testing and prescribing.

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2020 Tech Product of the Year (hc1's PGx Advisor)

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Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2011

Company Description

For decades patients have been inadvertently over-tested, misdiagnosed and over-prescribed with ineffective medication cocktails – simply because doctors, pharmacists, and laboratories didn’t have access to complete patient information. Moreover, they lacked visibility into what makes each of our healthcare journeys intrinsically unique – our genetics. In rare cases when these data sets were accessible, there was no user-friendly framework in place to make them actionable to personalize patient care. Faced with limited time to digest an avalanche of patient volume and information, caregivers urgently need a new generation of high-value care solutions to be sure every patient receives the personalized care they deserve.

Founded to deliver on the promise of the high-value care movement, hc1 delivers real-time bioinformatics to power precision testing and prescribing for health systems, laboratories, and health plans. The cloud-based hc1 Platform organizes live laboratory, genomic and medication data into personalized profiles at population scale. Then, our powerful yet easy-to-use software solutions produce actionable insights and support targeted caregiver interventions to ensure patients get the right diagnostic testing and medication therapy to meet their unique individual needs.