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Hydro Grow LLC

Hydro Grow LLC sells an aeroponic appliance, the Gropod, which eliminates a user's dependence on a grocery store for most produce.

Company Information
Evansville, IN
Founded in 2016

Company Description

Hydro Grow LLC provides users with a fully-functional, aeroponic appliance. The Gropod is an aesthetically appealing appliance that uses advanced artificial intelligent algorithms to eliminate both user maintenance and the user’s dependence on grocery stores for produce. It uses artificial intelligence to itemize a database of all plant species’ variables offered by Hydro Grow LLC’s pods to compile, and automatically adapt to the optimal medium pH levels, nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, and light cycle to ensure optimal plant growth for an individual’s specific produce selection. This would establish a new precedent of quality by eliminating the need to throw away spoiled produce by keeping the plants alive continuously until the moment of consumption; ensuring maximum nutrient content and freshness without the need for transportation. This accelerated growth rate spanned over 45 grow sites equates to the user having 2 full heads of leafy greens every single day. Hydro Grow LLC also offers subscription memberships to the customers who buy the Gropod which mails them seed pods to grow in their Gropod.