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Indesign is an electronic product design services firm. We have a 70 person design team. Company formed in 1996 with over 200 clients.

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 1996

Company Description

Electronic Product Development
Indesign can meet your electronic product development needs by providing full turnkey product design. Indesign offers complete engineering design capabilities involving multiple engineering disciplines and an ISO certified product development process. We can satisfy your complete product development needs starting with a product concept and finishing with a ready-to-manufacture electronic product design. During your development project Indesign can provide requirements analyses, architecture development, mechanical design, electrical design, software design, verification and validation testing, and other product development capabilities.

Design Engineering Services
Indesign can meet your needs for specific design engineering services. If you want to complement your in-house design engineering staff with some of our contract engineering resources, we can provide expertise in a variety of technical areas and engineering disciplines for your electronic product design. Indesign has worked effectively with a large number of clients in joint development projects, where a client chooses to outsource some portion of their electronic product design. For example, you might use Indesign to provide specialized embedded software design services, while your own staff provides the hardware design.