InGen Technologies, Inc.

InGen Technologies helps companies design products for mobile, IoT and beyond.

Company Description

InGen Technologies has over three decades of experience as a provider of creative software and hi-tech engineering solutions.

Since inception, our colleagues and customers have recognized us as early-adopters of technology and as creative, hands-on problem-solvers. We continue to embrace a fluid, interactive, and agile approach to projects, including a resurgence of IoT solutions, which was one of our initial platforms.

Purpose: InGen is a Hoosier company, humble in our beginnings, growing steadily, and without losing sight of who we are, confidently sharing our story - for it is connections that benefit us all.

Community: We are a positive catalyst for change in the companies we serve and within the communities we reside.

Craftmanship: Our experienced teams thrive creating actionable results for our clients. The best teams and technologies and create InGen-powered results.

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