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IntelliHire is unique hiring software featuring A.I. scored skill assessments that help tech employers find and hire top tech talent.

Company Information
(877) 701-4473
Founded in 2009

Company Description

IntelliHire was founded in 2009 to serve the need for an easier way for tech companies to source and identify top talent. IntelliHire was developed out of founder, Phil Wright’s own frustration with the time-consuming process of sorting through hundreds of paper resumes to fill one job at his growing IT management company, Accent Consulting. Instead of being able to focus on his IT company, he had to search through over 400 applicants and resumes and personally validate and identify which applicant skills worked best for Accent’s needs.

IntelliHire is an all-in-one software offering that allows employers to easily post, recruit, screen, interview, organize and hire skilled talent. It’s automatic A.I. scored technical screening assessments allow business owners and growing tech companies rank & identify top candidates faster & easier.