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Kinney Group

Kinney Group is a cloud solutions integrator harnessing the power of IT in the cloud to improve lives.

Company Information
(317) 721-0500
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2006

Company Description

Automation is in Kinney Group's DNA, enabling the company to integrate the most advanced security, analytics, and infrastructure technologies as an optimized solution powering IT-driven business processes in the cloud for federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies. How we do it:

INFRASTRUCTURE - we design and build secure cloud computing frameworks as strategic assets. We achieve new levels of scalability and security by transcending traditional, hardware-based approaches with the software defined data center.

ANALYTICS - Kinney Group derives insights by leveraging machine data in real-time. This empowers organizations to creatively scrutinize all their data in an automated, continuous, and contextual way to maximize opportunities.

SECURITY - we are an elite team with a unique combination of credentials for strict security environments. Kinney Group meticulously hardens, tests, and troubleshoots everywhere.

AUTOMATION and ORCHESTRATION - both are in our DNA because they unleash unprecedented IT optimization and eliminate complexity. As for the art of orchestration: our engineers create the “symphony” in the cloud by strategically using multiple automations together.