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Leaf Software Solutions

Leaf is a principle-centered software consulting company, delivering the highest quality software solutions, on time and on budget.

Company Information
CARMEL, Indiana
Founded in 1987

Company Description

The Leaf Difference _
Like most successful consulting firms, we have a proven methodology for developing solutions. But unlike most of those companies, Leaf is nimble and agile. We don't have to apply a rigid system to every project that comes through the door.

Project Management _
It's what we do best. Our thorough understanding of your goals and of the development process enables us to completely manage your project from start to finish.

Flexibility _
We prefer to stay flexible. So when new opportunities arise, or the goals/parameters of your project change, we can turn on a dime.

Leaf's Framework _
The Leaf Solutions Framework process is an outline of the steps we take when approaching your project. And if your project requires some innovative, out-of-the-framework thinking, we adapt the process to meet your needs.

Custom-Fit _
And if we need to adapt our process for you, we will … because we can. That’s what makes Leaf different. And that’s what makes us the best choice for our clients...mid-market companies looking for large market solutions.

Leaf Software Solutions has also been named one of Indiana's Best Places to Work since 2012.