LifeOmic Powers Precision Medicine with a secure cloud-based solution for storage, analysis, and clinical use of genomic and other data

Company Information
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351 W. 10th St , Indianapolis, IN 46202
Founded in 2017

Company Description

Healthcare providers are swimming in data. Unfortunately this valuable information is spread across a variety of devices and systems that prevent its useful application. And with the advent of genomics and personalized medicine, much more is on the way. EHRs might seem the logical solution, but they were designed for reimbursement and are woefully ill-equipped for the coming digital deluge.

The answer is a secure, infinitely scalable cloud platform that can serve as a central repository for all this data – and do so for the entire lifetime of every patient.

LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud™ (LifeOmic PHC™) is a secure cloud service for the long-term storage, retrieval, analysis and clinical use of information central to patient care. Our PHC platform integrates and indexes disparate sources including genomic, clinical, imaging and population data. All of this data is added to a searchable and flexible repository for each patient to deliver precision treatments and accelerate research.

Any precision health solution worth its salt must leverage mobile technologies and engage patients on the go. LifeOmic's LIFE mobile apps use the Precision Health Cloud™ to empower individuals to be more involved in and take action on their personal health and wellness goals. Healthcare providers can use the LIFE mobile apps to extend care and information flow outside of their facilities.