LifeOmic Powers Precision Medicine with a secure cloud-based solution for storage, analysis, and clinical use of genomic and other data

Company Information
(855) 543-3664
351 W. 10th St , Indianapolis, IN 46202
Founded in 2017

Company Description

There aren’t many organizations of 90 employees spread across 3 locations with a 5-star Glassdoor Rating and 100% CEO approval. From the live video feeds in each break room where you could have a conversation over lunch in Raleigh with a counterpart in Indy or Salt Lake City to the weekly company-wide roundtables where strategy and tactics are discussed openly and humbly, what makes LifeOmic truly a best place to work its commitment to team, innovation and getting things done. Their mission goes beyond any one product and extends to improving the health, security and support of the people with whom they interact. It’s an open and encouraging organization that is only dogmatic about not being dogmatic.

LifeOmic was founded in early 2017 by serial entrepreneurial Dr. Don Brown and several other key employees from Interactive Intelligence. We believed in the promise of Precision Health but saw a large gap in the current healthcare IT landscape and its ability to fulfill this promise.

Leveraging our cloud and mobile software expertise, we set out to drive better health outcomes for individuals.

Fast forward to 2019, our 90+ team members work with some of the largest and most respected healthcare and biotech organizations to accelerate their research and help clinicians deliver better patient outcomes. Our Precision Health Cloud drives innovation in precision medicine and puts data to work for patient outcomes.

We also help individuals take control of their health through our suite of mobile applications and science-backed, educational health content on LIFE Apps.

Based on the security tools we developed to ensure our cloud platform protected patient and user information, we built JupiterOne to help other Software as a Service companies deliver and operationalize secure cloud software.

Most importantly we are a team, unified in driving better healthspans while learning and growing every day.