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Pinnacle Solutions

Pinnacle Solutions specializes in solution development, cloud hosting, software reseller services, IT consulting & staff service models.

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 1996

Company Description

As the amount of data continues to grow rapidly within organizations, figuring out what to do with large data volumes can become a struggle - even a nightmare. We help people face the challenge of converting data into structured information that supports effective decision-making. We combine SAS' analytical system with our own industry and statistical analysis expertise in order to present a complete solution offering for our clients. As an Amazon Web Services Partner, we also can host and manage our customer's solutions in the cloud.

At Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. (PSI), our mission is to empower clients to analyze and interpret the “mountain” of data that they collect and utilize to improve business outcomes, support decision-making, and enable process improvements - from data management and integration to data visualizations and predictive analytics.