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POLARIS Laboratories®

POLARIS Laboratories® is a full-service fluid analysis laboratory.

Company Information
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 1999

Company Description

POLARIS Laboratories® helps companies prevent equipment failure by providing accurate, reliable and timely maintenance recommendations based on laboratory testing and analysis of machine lubricants and fluids. By providing specific recommendations for each fluid sample, we help companies transition to proactive maintenance actions, saving on costly repairs and improving equipment uptime. Through use of internally-developed, proprietary applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more than 20 years of historical equipment recommendations, POLARIS Laboratories® has established itself as a trusted leader in predictive maintenance solutions. Operating seven laboratories worldwide, our analysis allows our global customer base to see a complete snapshot of machine health for increased equipment reliability.

Lubricant/Oil Analysis, Coolant Analysis, Fuel Analysis, Grease Analysis, Filter Debris Analysis, Metalworking Fluid Analysis, Custom On-Site Training, Program Management, Data Integration, Custom Private Programs