Pondurance provides organizations with the solutions needed to transform the way they plan, prepare, and manage their security program.

Company Description

Founded and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana; Pondurance is one of the leading information security solution providers in the Midwest. Our experts set, follow and develop the latest industry trends and cutting-edge security technologies. Our breadth of experience allows the team to provide clients with a formidable partner in information security, compliance, and business continuity. Our teams of security professionals are recognized among the best and brightest in the industry. We are proud to call many of the leading companies throughout the Midwest our clients, partners and trustees.

We offer our clients:

Information Security: The Pondurance team analyzes critical applications, infrastructure, people and processes to pinpoint vulnerabilities.

Business Continuity: Pondurance reviews threats, risks and business impacts in order to foster disaster avoidance solutions.

Compliance: Pondurance maintains, establishes and creates information security programs that align with compliance regulations (PCI, HIPAA).

Threat Management Solutions: We assist companies by providing managed detection and response services as it relates to an incident or gap in existing security technologies or operations following an attack.