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Brownsburg, IN

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The RLAPS Simulator is designed to be at the pinnacle of driver racing experiences in simulation. Developed by racers for racing, the RLAPS Simulator provides realistic feedback and driver feel via simulation. With the development of accurate physics modeling software integrated with premium hardware, RLAPS is the one-stop shop for the ultimate driver training improvement via simulations.

The RLAPS Simulator has full motion with pitch, roll and yaw. Visualization is via an immersive display with either virtual reality (VR) or multi-screen display with 170° field of view. RLAPS also provides motion-cued vibration feedback, force feedback steering wheels, pedals, shifters and premium racing seats. The RLAPS software system is integrated to provide fast and accurate physics-rendering that reflects the real physics behavior of the race car in order to improve driver training on track interaction and racing.