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Autonomous Robotic Soil Sampling Services - giving farmers & service providers more accurate soil data to make better fertilizer decisions

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Founded in 2014

Company Description

As you might know, soil testing is critical for farming profitability. But there’s a problem. Today you gather soil with a probe, send it to the lab and get your rec’s. The lab and rec’s pieces have been advanced, while soil sampling has lagged behind.

We have assessed around a 20% error in soil sampling (the collection piece) from inconsistency in depth, pattern (how the cores are taken) and location.

But who cares? Well, on average fertilizer is the 3rd biggest cost on the farm, ranging from $50-$100 per acre. If you sample every 3 years, soil sampling drives a $150-300 per acre decision. If you are using a 2.5 grid, one soil sample determines a $375 - $750 fertilizer decision!

If there could be even a 10% improvement, that would be around $15 per acre improvement, on the low side.

The SmartCore by Rogo gives farmers more accurate soil data so they can make more profitable fertilizer decisions. It does this by providing a SERVICE priced by the acre at similar to market rates.

The fully autonomous robot does this by collecting and packaging soil samples with complete depth-, pattern- and location-consistency.